Part of the Construction Supermarket customer journey entails the full documentation of the process from initial consultation through to completion. Through validated learning, we have concluded the importance of this process so at any point during or after your project you can reference the journey.

Its also important for this to happen in the event of any mishaps along the way. Pulling your contract, stage checks or even your quotations at any point can be the difference between an easy process and a difficult one!

So what does the documentation process look like?

  • Initial consultation with Construction Supermarket – Phone call or site visit
  • We source up to 4 building companies to carry out a quotation for you
  • You receive up to 4 Builders portfolios
  • Each company carry out a quotation for you (after a successful site visit)
  • You select up to 2 quotes and invite back both to make amendments
  • You select the best quote for you and decide to proceed. All documentation is then received including:
    • Builders contract
    • Construction Supermarkets Contract
    • Payment Schedule
    • Schedule of works
    • Insurance documents
    • Time Schedule
  • Work commences
  • Building control sign off stage 1
  • Payment released
  • Approved inspector signs off stage 2-3
  • Payments released
  • Building control sign off stage 4
  • Payment released
  • Snagging list complete – Project completed

Any issues which arise along the way, additional work or payments will also be documented. By the end of your project you should be able to pick up the file and go through the entire journey effortlessly.

Your documentation will be available to you in both hard copied and digital format for your keeping. For more information please give us a call.