Power Flush

Power flush is one of the most effective ways to clean a central heating system and one of the easiest ways to fix a wide range of problems.

Power flush is a technique that can be used to clear out sludge, dirty water, rust and even debris from within household pipes, radiators and heat exchangers which can all affect the integrity and efficiency of your central heating.

We have a network of trusted, reliable and experienced Gas Safe registered engineers who can conduct a thorough power flush on your system; cleaning it out, desludging and bringing a new lease of life back into your heating.

So, how do you know if you’ll need a power flush? Cold spots on radiators, poor hot water flow, noisy boilers, boiler circulation problems or if you’ve never had a power flush on your central heating.

Power flushing can also help to lower your household bills, prolong the life of your boiler and system, provide a more even distribution of heat around your property, increase the reliability of your system and save on your overall energy.

What Happens During Power Flushing

During the power flushing process, water and specialist chemicals will be pumped throughout the entire central heating system.

The equipment that is used during this process is used specifically for power flushing and is designed to target and break down traces of sludge and magnetite build up in pipes and radiators. Then, this broken down debris is filtered through and out of the system leaving a much more efficient and smooth flow and greater heat distribution.

What Do You Need to Do Before a Power Flush?

Before carrying out a power flush, our knowledgeable engineers will establish what the symptoms of the problem are and if it can be solved through a power flush. They will inspect the central heating system to determine where the majority of the problems are located and they will assess how severe the sludge or debris build-up is.

Because of this highly individualistic approach, a power flush will not be a one-size-fits-all procedure and will have to be assessed individually. We take pride in assessing each situation and problem thoroughly and keep customers informed throughout the assessment before carrying out any work.

What Happens After a Power Flush?

After the system has been flushed, the boiler and radiators will work much more efficiently with minimum noise and fuss. Previously, the system was inefficient as sludge and magnetite were being heated whereas after the system has been flushed and is clear, cold spots on radiators have either been greatly reduced or will have disappeared altogether.

This can mean as much as a 50% greater efficiency in the total central heating system as the system can now take less fuel to achieve exactly the same temperatures.

How Do You Know if You Need a Power Flush?

  • Cold spots on the radiators
  • Noisy pipes or noise coming from the boiler
  • The boiler works intermittently
  • The system takes a long time to heat up
  • Signs of corrosion when bleeding the radiator (the water that comes out of the radiator will be dark)
  • Unstable hot water supply or varying temperatures
  • Cloudy tap water
  • Pipes may be hot but radiators are cold
  • Boiler shuts down intermittently
  • Leaks in the radiators

The Consequences of Having a Blocked Central Heating System

Central heating performs best and at an optimum level when the water is able to move through the system unhindered. Where there is sludge or debris, the boiler has to work twice as hard as it inadvertently has to heat up this debris as well as the water.

Some of the heat is absorbed into the sludge and therefore the boiler works harder to get to its desired temperature or does not reach the desired temperature at all. This can get worse over time as the boiler begins to get more and more stressed.

The Benefits of Having a Clear Central Heating System

If you carry out regular boiler services and maintain the boiler and central heating system, a power flush should be conducted around every six years as a preventative measure.

A clear central heating system will ensure that the water travels around more freely and will heat up quicker due to the lack of obstructions. This will mean a longer life expectancy of the boiler and its key components which will also mean a decreased likelihood that you’ll have to pay for costly repairs. Noise will also be significantly diminished as there will be no vibrations which are caused by blocked flow paths.

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