How Does Construction Supermarket Work

Check out our 8 stage process to take the stress out of your building project.

Our method is simple. We introduce Clients to reputable companies who can carry out the work.


The Client

  • Building plans have been drafted and submitted to the local council
  • Architect drawings are available
  • Funding is in place
  • Client has instructed Construction Supermarket to source reputable builders for the project.
  • Client has a clear start date in mind


The Job

  • A representative of Construction Supermarket will
    attend site to tender the project.
  • Upto 3 Contractors will be provided to deliver you a quotation.
  • All information regarding your project will be discussed with your contractors to ensure nothing is missed.
  • Your Contractors will be local and have the team, availability and skills to deliver your project on time and in budget.

The Contractor

  • Your Contractors will be given access to your information regarding the project, which will include drawings, contact information, plans and predicted start date.
  • The Client will also be given access to the Contractor’s information, so they can view their testimonials, portfolio and company website.
  • All contractors will have been vetted through Construction
    Supermarkets on boarding process.

The Quotes

  • Client will receive up to 3 quotations back.
  • Quotes will be delivered via our platform, either using a Contractor format or our quotation template.
  • In the event of any irregularities with a quote, we will investigate and make you aware of what we’ve found – these could be undervalued or over-inflated quotations


  • You have decided to use one of our Contractors we have put forward.
  • We put in a 5 stage plan in place to mimic your work schedule and payment plan
  • A 30% deposit is taken and your start date is booked.
  • An approved inspector is appointed to stage check your build at stage 2 and 3.
  • We ensure there is a Contractors All Risk policy in place.

The Build

  • The Build begins
  • Building control signs off stage 1
  • An approved inspector will check your build at stage 2 and 3
  • Building control signs off stage 4
  • You sign off stage 5. This is a snagging stage check, completed 2 weeks after the works have been signed off by building control.
  • A small written summary will be given to you by your approved inspector at stage 2 and 3 so if any issues are found they can be rectified.


  • An invoice is raised 7 days prior to funding being required by the Contractor. This gives a 7 day window for inspection to take place and payment raised.
  • Money paid to the Contractor is paid via Construction Supermarket to create a paper trail (Unless otherwise agreed)
  • Stage 1: 30%
  • Stage 2: 25%
  • Stage 3: 20%
  • Stage 4: 20%
  • Stage 5 : Snagging 5%


  • Once building control have signed off your build at stage 4, your build is complete.
  • A snagging payment is due 14 days after sign off from building control and at the agreeance of the Client.
  • Full documentation will be available to you at stages 2 and 3 of your build from our Approved Inspector.
  • A full documentation of the process from start to finish will be
    given to you for your record keeping.

Easy as 1, 2 ,3

Your dream project doesn’t need to become a nightmare

1. The Job

Once you have your final plans ready and any required building permissions one of our team will meet with you to carry out a site inspection and to finalise your requirements.

2. The Quotes

We’ll discuss your project requirements with our trusted contractors. Then following a review process we’ll provide you with the best 3 quotes and additional information about each contractor.

3. The Build

Once you’ve chosen your quote we’ll appoint an approved inspector. Then the work will commence. Payments will be staggered at pre-agreed stages following successful inspections.