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Do you have plans to refurbish your home, or add an extension? Construction Supermarket can help with your project, no matter the size or scope. We carefully vet all our local builders in Bromley, which means that you can rely on us!

Need Builders in Bromley You Can Trust?
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The Job

If you have your building permissions and your plans, you’re all set to go. All you need now are trustworthy builders. We do a site inspection and create a detailed brief for the project.

The Quotes

All the builders we contact on your behalf are carefully selected and vetted by us. Once we’ve reviewed their quotes, we’ll send the top 3 to you, with details on each contractor.

The Build

Once you’ve selected a contractor, we appoint a building inspector with 3rd party approval. Once this is done, work can start. Payment is released in stages, following an inspection.

Construction Supermarket has one goal…

To improve the practices of the construction industry

We believe that it is important for our customers to be able to trust the local builders in Bromley they choose to work with. That’s why we started Construction Supermarket. Our goal, each day, is to reduce the risks that surround employing local builders.

We work in partnership with some of the UK’s best contractors. They help us to find high-quality, trustworthy local builders in Bromley for residential projects.

Local Builders Bromley

“It’s hard, putting your trust in someone you don’t know.”

We introduce our clients in Bromley to local builders who are able to complete the work they require on their home. Each of these builders have been vetted by us, and they have liability insurance in place. Payment is only released once work has been checked by our Quality Surveyor.

A Personal Guarantee From Construction Supermarket

Far too often we hear about payment being taken up front by building companies, and then work being abandoned hours or days later. If the criminals involved have set up a limited company – which is easy to do – that money is most likely gone for good.

We have decided it is time to take a stand against these practices, and Construction Supermarket was created to do just that. Contractors who work with us have to have a company director in place, who is held under ‘Personal Guarantee’. This means that they are legally required to take personal responsibility for the work undertaken.

We vet local builders in Bromley thoroughly before they are invited to quote on projects. As a consequence, we’ve already exposed a number of scam builders in the area. Our rules are simple, we will only work with contractors who provide a personal guarantee for the work, and back it with insurance.

Easy as 1, 2 ,3

Your dream project doesn’t need to become a nightmare

1. The Job

Once you have your final plans ready and any required building permissions one of our team will meet with you to carry out a site inspection and to finalise your requirements.

2. The Quotes

We’ll discuss your project requirements with our trusted contractors. Then following a review process we’ll provide you with the best 3 quotes and additional information about each contractor.

3. The Build

Once you’ve chosen your quote we’ll appoint an approved inspector. Then the work will commence. Payments will be staggered at pre-agreed stages following successful inspections.